BEAT tht HEAT- H.S. Program

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“Beat The Heat”

In Early 1992, a very unique program was implemented in Walworth & Racine County by Tom Giovannoni, City of Lake Geneva Police Department. The program was called “Southeast Wisconsin  Beat the Heat”  This program was adapted from one that began back in the 70’s in California and spread throughout the country.  Beat the heat is a program designed primarily to educate area youth about the dangers of street racing, the use of alcohol and other drugs while operating a motor vehicle. Instead is shows kids ages 16-20 that drag racing under controlled circumstances, rather than street racing is a far better risk; yet is still just as much fun (if not more).


The purpose of this program is to go to area schools and educate the students about the hazards of alcohol and drug abuse, and its affect on you while operating a motor vehicle.  Understanding that this is not a new concept, we try to take it one step further by illustrating through case photographs the possible consequences of drinking, driving, Texting and other distractions.

We also try to discourage racing on the streets. We offer an alternative, drag racing in a controlled environment, learning control of a vehicle without lessening the thrill.    During the last 25 years we have gone from racing a show car to racing a specially built drag car (resembling a squad car) for use in the program.

Currently, Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove WI is sponsoring this program for students.  We have kids from all areas of Racine, Kenosha & Walworth, Milwaukee and all surrounding communities.


Jul 19 2019


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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