GENERAL: Most Important ~ HAVE FUN!

All cars will be inspected and placed in appropriate classes.

All era BSA cars are allowed, old style and new style wheels are acceptable.  BSA “look-a-like” kits allowed, as well as pre-cut kits.

Straight axles and / or nail axles acceptable.

No oil based lube allowed.  Graphite is acceptable.  Dry lubes only.

Official race scale weight shall be considered final.

All cars not fitting into desired class due to failure to comply with rules will be placed into the appropriate class that they fit in, or offered back to owner for modifications.

3 wheel minimum contact with racing surface.

No external power sources, magnets, engines, springs, etc allowed on SWB or AWB classes.

Any liquid leaking from car is automatic D.Q.  Starter will shut it down.

Current track is wooden non-prepped surface.  Pin drop starting system.  Cars will receive an order-of –finish  – no ET or MPH at this time ( future track improvements )

Cars will be impounded after passing tech.  In the spirit of Drag Racing, racers will be allowed to “tune” their cars between rounds, make minor repairs if necessary during racing, but must re-weigh if touched by anyone other than track staff.

Track staff will stage, release, retrieve, and re-stage cars between races.  Minor repairs will be allowed if needed to individual cars, at the starters approval.

All rules subject to be modified in the interest of safety, and the spirit of Drag Racing.

This is our first event….. Some rules may need to be modified or added.  The point is FUN!!!! A cheap way to enjoy time at the track racing with friends here at GLD!!   Grudge racing will be allowed if time allows.


Three classes:   Stock Wheel Base, Altered Wheel Base, and Outlaw.

SWB / AWB Classes:

5.0 oz MAX weight.  7” overall length. 5” Maximum height.   Cars must use Scout wheels and axles.  Wheels can be modified to remove weight, tread contact, but cannot be “pizza cutters”  Axles can be polished and modified but must retain stock appearance at hub.  ( nail head or cap must remain. ) 1-3/4” width between inside wheel minimum, and 2-3/4” maximum width at outside of wheels.  3/8” minimum clearance under car.  No part of the car can extend beyond the starting post when staged.  All four wheels are not required to contact the race surface.

SWB cars must be no longer than 7” long and axles either placed in the factory slots, or drilled and placed to match original wheelbase. 4-3/8” wheelbase

AWB cars must be no longer than 7” long.  Axles may be offset, and placed anywhere on the car.


7.0 oz max weight.

Power adders deemed safe for the opposing vehicles ( and crowd ) will be allowed.

Car must be self-starting with drop of pin. No touching, pushing, etc of cars once staged.

Lane changes and interfering with other vehicles not allowed.  Car will be DQ’d if deemed unsafe for other racers.  Re-runs may be time consuming, and DQ is the decision of the official starter.

Rules subject to be modified in the interest of safety and the spirit of Drag Racing.


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