COMBO RACER….  Best Deal on the Track!!    ~ Please note:  Your pass must be picked up at the gate when you arrive.

Race every week, race several times a week…..   Bring a friend or crew member with you anytime you come.

First & Last Name Please   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        Name to be printed on Pass required here:


 Fun Racing & Spectator Combo Season Pass

Over 150 days of fun racing!

This pass grants Fun Racing admission on almost any date we are open**… bring along a friend to watch or help crew!

This combo pass is the same as a standard fun racing pass, with the added benefit of bringing one person as your guest to watch you race, watch the show, or help crew on your car!

(Posted Fees apply for competition Races.)

Fun racing passes are registered to YOU, not to your car! You can bring any vehicle you want to race with. Pit entry included with fun race pass for all dates except period specific race days.

The spectator\crew guest can be anyone you want. Your guest can be a different person on different days. Any one person who is in your vehicle when you arrive at the admissions gate will be granted spectator admission for no charge! Additional guests will be charged the standard spectator admission price for that particular day.

Fun race & bring a friend at these awesome GLD events:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night fun racing
  • Saturday & Sunday Open Test n’ Tune
  • Street Wars
  • Import Wars
  • Mopar Festival
  • Larry’s Funfest
  • GLD Bracket Series (fun racing only, no class entry)

Racer Passes can be used for Drifting too…….  BUT you cannot Drag Race & Drift on the same day.

 **Due to time and capacity constraints, fun racing passes are not valid to Race on Nitrous Street Car Brawls, Anarchy, Memorial Day Weekend, or Labor Day Weekend; but you are welcome with your guest as a spectator on those events with this pass! 

Want to just hang out, without racing? Fun racing passes are accepted as spectator passes. If you feel like watching your favorite event instead of racing, your fun racing combo pass is still valid for admission with no charge! (and you still get pit parking)

** One fun racing & spectator combo pass grants one fun racing admission to the person named on the card, and one spectator admission to any one guest of the cardholder’s choosing. Cardholder must be present & spectator guest must arrive with the cardholder. Pass covers car & driver entry for fun racing, and one spectator admission for one person in the same vehicle as the cardholder. Fun racing passes are for fun racing only, and may not be used to enter any competition class, nor used to “pay part of a class entry.” This pass has unlimited uses.    

 Passes are not transferable and non-refundable, no cash value.  Passes are valid for GLD events only.  Passes are not accepted for track rentals, or other events hosted at GLD by third parties. 

Pit pass entry may not be available with this pass for 3rd party events.                                                   


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