Only the Track Affiliated Photographers will be allowed to film in any Trackside  Areas and/or any Restricted Areas.   Photographers at the Grove Must be pre-approved to enter the Return Road Area,  the Starting Line Area,  Staging, or any Restricted Area.


There are NO DRONES ALLOWED other than those affiliated with Great Lakes Dragaway.


Wisconsin State Law prohibits any carry-in alcoholic beverages.

Glass containers are absolutely prohibited anywhere in Great Lakes Dragaway.  Broken glass and race tires, DO NOT MIX.

Coolers and Containers are Subject to Inspection



The sound and activity at a race track is not comfortable for Pets.   Please Leave Your Pets at Home.

Racers: If you are traveling and must bring your pet, Proof of Vaccination is required and you must register your pet in the office.  The animal then must be on leash and must stay in your pit area or camper.

“Certified Service Pets” might be allowed, but must register with their credentials & proof of vaccination  in the office.

Pets are Never allowed Trackside, in staging   (Long Staging or Short Staging),

Never on start line or on the return road.  Pets are Not allowed in the bleachers.


No Wild Animals Ever

No Snakes or Reptiles Ever

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


All motorized pit/auxiliary vehicles (autos, golf carts, ATVs, etc.) will be governed by the following rules.

GLD reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of any pit vehicle.

The following motorless vehicles may not be ridden anywhere on the grounds:

  • Skateboards
  • Roller Blades
  • Push Scooters (the kind you propel by pushing the ground with your foot)
  • Pit vehicles may be used for Moving Race Vehicles only.

The speed limit on the return road is 15mph, everywhere else is 5mph.

All operators must be at least 16 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and must be covered by adequate liability insurance applicable to the operation of the pit vehicle.

All operators shall provide proof of such insurance, a driver’s license, and any other applicable credentials upon request of a GLD official.

All pit vehicles must be operated in compliance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions. (i.e. no riding on an area of the pit vehicle that was not designed to be sat on.)

All Quads, Mopeds, ATV,s 3-wheelers, Mini-Bikes, Scooters, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, Segway,  Hover Boards, Etc.

Only Licensed drivers (16 or older) may operate any vehicles at Great Lakes Dragaway (GLD)

(Junior Dragster program has separate regulations)

Please help us keep Great Lakes Dragaway safe for all who attend.

Speed limit in Pits is 5 mph – Return Road Limit- 15 MPH

Auxiliary vehicles are only allowed to be used for racing assistance purposes Only!

When racing is completed, the vehicles must remain parked.

If not affiliated with a racer you may NOT bring these vehicles onto any property of Great Lakes Dragaway.

NO JOY RIDING, NO CONVENIENCE RIDING ALLOWED with ANY type vehicles !!  Keep off fields and farm areas.

This is a ZERO TOLERANCE Rule!

The Driver of the team will be responsible and accountable for enforcement of these rules in his/her group.

If found in VIOLATION, you will be escorted off the premises, your entry fees will not be refunded.

GLD reserves the right to amend, modify or add to these rules at any time, at GLD’s sole discretion. In all cases, GLD’s decision will be final.

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