• Door cars only (no dragsters, altered, or roadsters).
  • Delay boxes ok, and can be used.
  • All trans-brake switches on the market are legal, including those banned from use in NHRA/IHRA Sportsman categories. (ie: Biondo Terminator)
  • No throttle stops may be used at any point past the starting line beams. They can remain on the car.  If race coordinator deems necessary, they may have to be deactivated and/or removed.  If race coordinator deems a throttle stop was used down track, an automatic DQ will occur and the other car will get the win.  Disqualification will result in the loss of entry fee, a rain check will not be granted.
  • Cars must meet IHRA Safety specifications as dictated by the most current rule book.
  • Time runs are allowed before competition, but it is the driver’s responsibility to be on time for the 1st qualifier.  After the 1st qualifier, time runs are strictly prohibited.
  • If a car stages for 1st qualifier, they have locked in their entry fee and no refund will be given.
  • In the event of a rain out, the race will be considered completed if both classes have finished 1st round.  The round money will be split up among all remaining competitors.  However, if the race does not finish 1st round in both classes, the competitors can use their gate receipt as a rain check that can be used up to 365 days after the date on the receipt.  NO CASH REFUNDS.
  • In the event a car shows up late and misses both qualifying rounds, you can still run in eliminations, but you will NOT get a time run. The car/driver will be placed on the bottom of the ladder.
  • Both classes will utilize a .400 Pro tree.
  • Any rules not covered in this manual or IHRA Rulebook will be subject to the discretion of the race coordinator, and ALL DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL.
  • There will be a maximum of a 16 car field in both classes, and they will run on a Pro Ladder. In the event of more than 16 cars in either class, those on the outside of the ladder and those on the bubble will have to “race their way in”.  Example:  there are 19 cars who qualify for the 8.60 class.  In this situation, there will be a pre-first round.  #14 will face #19 (winner of race qualifies #14), #15 vs. #17 (winner qualifies #15), #16 vs. #17 (winner qualifies #16).
  • In the event that two or more competitors tie for a qualifying position, the higher seed will be given to the car with the better reaction time. If there is also a tie on best reaction time, the higher seed will be given to the car that did it first.  If there is a situation of a 3-way or more tie, and one car had a .009 reaction time, and the other two had .017 reaction times, the .009 light will get the highest seed, whereas the other highest seed will go to the one that did it first.  In the rare instance that two cars tied for qualifying position against each other (and matched reaction time), the better qualifying position will go to the car that got the win light on the run.  Any other tie breakers will be determined by coin flip if all other scenarios cannot determine a winner.
  • Lane choice will go to the car who was closer to the index (without breaking out) the previous round. In the event both cars broke out the previous round, lane choice goes to the car closer to the index.
  • 5 points will be awarded for staging during either 1st or 2nd qualifier, missing both will result in no points being awarded.
  • Qualifying points: #1= 4 points  #2= 3 points  #3= 2 points  #4= 1 point
  • 5 points will be awarded for winning a round. An additional 5 points will be awarded for winning the race.
  • Remember guys, this is fun. We race to have fun.  Keep the tempers at home.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Any questions or comments can be directed towards the race coordinator, Thomas Zierer Email-  Phone- 414-412-0773.

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